Engage at Every Stage: An Investigation of Video Activation

Engage at Every Stage: An Investigation of Video Activation, continues the investigation started under the Engage at Every Stage banner, pressing marketers to identify where and how video is being leveraged to spark full-funnel business impact. This new investigation will delve into the channels being tapped for video engagement, guage the sophistication of content developed specifically for online consumption, and test the measures and metrics that currently define success while reaching for new benchmarks to prove impact.  Leading marketing decision makers will be surveyed through qualitative and quantitative assessments to understanding what changes and advancements must be established to make online video investment meaningful for the customer and the business. 

Key Areas of Investigation and Questioning:

  • Utilization and reliance on video as an engagement channel – where and how is it being leveraged
  • Content development and allocations – is content unique, or is online video just repurposed television?
  • Questioning current metrics and standards – what do CMO's consider to be a “view” and how does this differ from industry standards? Is the definition of viewability tied to engagement or to payment?
  • Gardens or green fields – are Facebook and Google the best options, or just the most convenient ones?

    In partnership with:

  • Viral Gains