Global Trend Report Marketing - by Morgan McKinley

The Marketing discipline has been evolving rapidly over the past few years. The emphasis on digital platforms and understanding the customer through data analytics has resulted in a convergence between marketing and IT. Read More »

Looking Ahead: Driving Co-Creation in the Auto Industry - by PwC

While automotive companies develop products and technology to meet consumer demands in an ever changing market, co-creation methods can provide outlets to engage customers, dealers, employees and suppliers. Social media avenues are taking collaboration to the next level, allowing companies to join forces and virtually interact with all of their stakeholders. Read More »

Customer Communications Management in the New Digital Era - by Darla Moore School of Business

The world today is increasingly digital. At work, home, and play, people are constantly connected through the internet via a variety of devices and networks. This digital connectivity raises new opportunities--and challenges--for organizations striving to manage their customer communications to create customer and brand value.  Read More »